ACJBC – Semi-Final Review

VICTORIA Country vs Victoria Country.

Bushrangers vs Goldminers.

Mates against mates.

There’s nothing quite like seeing all Vic Country gold medal matches and we’re lucky enough to have two in the pipeline with the Under-18 Girls as well as Under-14 Girls squaring off. Across all the divisions we have finalists in the gold medal games as well, making all six titles alive for us heading into the final ACJBC day.


The friendliest of rivalries this week will reach its conclusion as the Goldminers and Bushrangers take to the court for the ACJBC title, in what will be the last Cup for many of the players.

The Goldminers and Bushrangers swept past their qualifying final matches with ease, knocking over Albury-Wodonga and NZ Weka respectively in blow out triumphs. The early morning successes for the Goldminers in the 108-28 win was driven by Paige Price (24 points) and Jade Melbourne (17 points) while the Bushrangers had a 94-38 win over NZ Weka with Piper Dunlop (20 points) and Carly Remmos (15 points) leading the charge.

Continuing the charge in the evening, the best efforts of the SA Sharks and NSW Waratahs wasn’t enough to curtail the Goldminers and Bushrangers. The Goldminers charged ahead early in its 77-53 win as Jade Melbourne (18 points), Paige Price (16 points) and Emirson Devenie (12 points) shone. The Bushrangers had a 66-41 triumph over the Waratahs as Gemma Simon (12 points) and Tayha Watkins (10 points) relished the semi-final standard.

They’ll face each other from 1pm today at Albury in a showdown well worth the price of admission… it’s free to enter but even then it’ll be an epic well worth seeing in person!


The Bushrangers made light work of the SA Sharks in the qualifying final taking a 98-43 win via the shared workload of the likes of Christian D’Angelo (15 points), Keith Robinson (14 points) and Sam Breuer (14 points).

The Goldminers eked past SA Magpies 54-52 on the back of some extraordinary late-game shooting off Austin Shelley (14 points) and Dylan Mccauley (11 points). The Goldminers backed up powerfully to take an incredible 62-60 victory over NSW Waratahs. They had to hold off a fast-finishing NSW line-up but the efforts of William Smythe (19 points), Hamish Carey (13 points) and Jordan Michel (12 points) proved the difference.

The Bushrangers couldn’t keep up their impressive charge to the finals when they were confronted by the mighty NSW Kookaburras, taking a 54-78 defeat despite the gallant efforts of Keith Robinson (nine points) and Dyson Daniels (eight points).

The Goldminers are through to the gold medal match while the Bushrangers will battle for bronze against NSW Waratahs.


The Bushrangers’ girls had to work hard to squeeze past SA Sharks 69-61 before facing their biggest obstacle yet… the Goldminers. The Bushrangers’ performance was studded with the efforts of Georgia Koopmans (18 points) and Sienna Privitera (11 points) in the nail-biting victory over the Sharks.

The Goldminers scarcely struggled against the Tasmania Devils in an 84-30 romp. The qualifying final triumph was led by powerhouse performances from Dyani Ananiev (19 points), Katelyn Russell, Jada Skennerton and Bella Breen (10 points) each.

It boiled down to an all-Victorian semi-final with the Goldminers taking the victory 74-62 despite a gallant performance from the Bushrangers. Dallas Loughridge (20 points) and Dyani Ananiev (13 points) were superb for the Goldies while Myah Healey (22 points) and Georgia Koopmans (11 points) were impressive for the Bushies.


The Bushrangers breezed past their qualifying final opponents NSW Waratahs – in a canter. The 86-54 win was spurred on by Macey Eaton (24 points) and Jack Hrehoresen (20 points) across an even performance throughout the Bushies’ crew. They backed up excellently in the evening to soldier to a 74-66 semi-final triumph over the SA Sharks. Hrehoresen (17 points), Jamie Bottrell (12 points) and Jamie Ryan (11 points) were the best performed of the Bushrangers. They will now head into the finale and battle the SA Magpies from 1pm at Albury.

The Goldminers were narrowly knocked out of the running in the qualifying final stage by Tasmania Kangaroos in a 54-57 defeat. Jet Kneebone (nine points), Harry Stones (eight points) and Tom Gorman (seven points) were the best of the Goldies’ brigade in the narrow loss. The Goldminers bounced back to defeat Tasmania Devils 65-51 to advance to the fifth place playoff against Tasmania Tigers.


20 Victorians entered the tournament in this division and it’ll be those 20 who battle it out for the crown. The extraordinary efforts of the Bushrangers and Goldminers this week were carried over yesterday as they knocked over NSW Kookaburras and SA Sharks respectively. The Bushies were tremendous against the Kookaburras in a 52-36 triumph led by Elsie Noonan (16 points), Mia Puntoriero and Sienna Wynd (six points each). The Goldminers had it a bit easier in a 69-29 triumph over the SA Sharks. Georgia Bodey (17 points) and Sienna Stewart (10 points) led the all-round effort that earned the Goldies a spot in the finale.

The All-Victorian grand final will tip this morning from 11am at Albury.


The Goldminers and Bushrangers put up the first all-Victorian final of the week, with the Goldminers downed 67-97 by an impressive Bushrangers effort. Declan Hallett (21 points), William Brent (16 points) and Oscar Leavold (11 points) were utterly impressive for the Bushrangers while the hard-work and toil was replicated through the defeated Goldminers in Oliver Eaton (22 points) and Jett Garnham (11 points).

The Bushrangers now battle SA Magpies for the title while the Goldminers face Tasmania Tigers for the bronze.



Goldminers v Bushrangers – 1pm, Albury


Goldminers v NSW Kookaburras, 1pm, Albury

Bushrangers v NSW Waratahs, 11am, Wodonga


Vic Goldminers v NSW Kookaburras (Gold) – 11am, Albury

Bushrangers v NSW Waratahs (Bronze) – 9.30am, Wodonga


Bushrangers v SA Magpies (Gold) – 1pm, Albury

Goldminers v Tas Tigers (8th Playoff) – 9.30am, Albury


Goldminers v Bushrangers (Gold) – 11am, Albury


Bushrangers v SA Magpies (Gold) – 11am, Albury

Goldminers v Tasmania Tigers (Bronze) – 8am, Albury

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