ACJBC – Thursday Review

ENTER crunch time.

The second chances have run out – all that remains is the race to the final. Back-to-back finals are on the cards for today as our sides keep their gaze squarely set on the cup.


Speaking of racing, the headlong race between the two titans of the under-18 competition – our Goldminers and Bushrangers – is ramping up as the sides seem destined to meet for the gold.

The Bushrangers rounded out Pool 4 with a comfortable victory over NSW Waratahs 73-59. The Waratahs toiled to stay in the clash, but in the end it’s hard to argue with the likes of Piper Dunlop (16 points), Gemma Simon (12 points) and Tess Barnes (10 points). With plenty left in the tank as well, it’s hard to see the Bushrangers faltering today as they set their sights on Saturday afternoon. But to get there they’ve got to start with today’s initial final against NZ Weka from 8.30am at Wodonga.

Flexing an extremely potent roster as well, the Goldminers were scarcely troubled by SA Magpies in a 85-57 rout. With depth for days and the firepower needed to run riot in the finals, it’s no surprise the Goldminers are this well placed heading into the pointy end of the competition. Emirson Devenie (18 points), Paige Price (17 points) and Jade Melbourne (15 points) hit them from everywhere in their emphatic barrage. It sets the stage for the Goldminers to be a top seed and square off from 8.30am this morning as they face Albury-Wodonga in their qualifying final before a potential semi-final this evening from 5.30pm at Albury.


In a landslide, the two under-18 boys teams flew through their final round to ensure they’d be ready for the onslaught to come today.

Taking a 107-31 triumph over Tasmania Devils, the Goldminers showcased their raw power through the likes of Oscar Hide (27 points), William Smythe (15 points) and Ben Hobbs (14 points) across an even effort throughout the team. There’s plenty left in the tank for the Goldies as they are set to enter the fray against SA Magpies from 8.30am this morning in the qualifying final.

The Bushrangers soared past NZ Weka 131-44 as eight on the roster went into double-digits. The even display was led by Dyson Daniels (20 points) and Keith Robinson (19 points) and sets up the Bushies to face SA Sharks from 8.30am this morning in a qualifying final at Albury.


Eking out a 69-64 victory over SA Magpies, the Bushrangers had to toil to get the points and remain well placed entering the finals bracket. It went down to the wire, but the cool shooting of Georgia Koopmans (13 points) and Myah Healey (16 points) at the death guided the Bushrangers to victory. The Bushrangers will face SA Sharks from 10.15am this morning at Albury.

Staking an emphatic 92-25 win over the Tasmania Tigers, the Goldminers unearthed one last cross-pool barrage to ensure they would be highly ranked heading into today’s finals. Dyani Ananiev (25 points) was sensational in tandem with Jada Skennerton (13 points) and Dallas Loughridge (12 points). The Goldminers are set to face Tasmania Devils from 10.15am this morning at Albury.


It came down to the wire, but in the end the Bushrangers were able to knock over SA Magpies and come away with the points. It was an absolute thriller on the far court at Albury as the Bushrangers dug deep in the final term to erase a five-point deficit. The sharpshooting of Macey Eaton (14 points) and Jamie Ryan (10 points) helped stake the claim and propel the Bushrangers into their battle against the Waratahs from 10.15am in a qualifying final.

Steamrolling NZ Kea 129-36, the Goldminers unearthed a massive barrage to light up Albury yesterday. The one-way traffic was led by Tom Gorman (26 points), Toby Cossor (24 points) and Drue Maher (22 points). The Goldminers face Tasmania Kangaroos from 10.15am at Wodonga in the qualifying final.


The Goldminers advanced to the semi-finals with a 67-49 win over NZ Weka yesterday in the qualifying final. This puts them on track to battle the SA Sharks from midday at Albury for a shot at the grand final game.

Winning their qualifying final yesterday against SA Magpies 84-45, the emphatic work of the Bushrangers was on display for everyone to see. The Bushies’ girls face NSW Kookaburras from midday at Albury in what will certainly be a thrilling semi-final.


The first all-country showdown has been set as the Bushrangers and Goldminers battle it out today from 12pm at Wodonga for a spot in the grand final.

The Goldminers claimed a thrilling 69-60 win over Tasmania Devils through the likes of Oliver Eaton, Tadhg Condron and Jett Garnham to take its place in the semi-final. The Bushrangers had a far easier hit out in the qualifying finals, taking its victory over NZ Kea 100-59.

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