ACJBC – Wednesday Review

THE scorching heat was no match for our red-hot Country sides at the Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup (ACJBC).

With double-headers across the Victoria Country ranks, it was gut-busting work, but in the end our teams showcased that true country calibre and determination.


Following on from their stellar start in Pool 2, the Bushrangers surged past NZ Weka 51-44 to keep its unbeaten streak going. Despite a late surge from NZ Weka, the cool heads of the Bushies’ crew prevailed. Sharing the scoring across the day were the likes of Carly Remmos (nine points), Piper Dunlop and Makaela Zeldenryk (eight points) throughout the star-studded line-up. They’ll battle the Waratahs from 12.30pm today at Albury.

The undefeated Goldminers were far too potent for the home-town Albury-Wodonga side in a 74-22 rout. The Goldies’ field day was led by Victoria Ikenasio (15 points), Paige Price (14 points) and Grace Brown (12 points). They’ll face SA Magpies this afternoon.


The Goldminers accounted for SA Magpies comfortably in a 52-39 victory. Patrick Ryan and Austin Shelley (12 points each) split the long-range attacking to keep the Goldminers in the top half of the crossover bracket. They’ll face Tasmania Devils today from 12.30pm at Lauren Jackson Sports Centre.

Flying past SA Sharks 67-50, the Bushrangers continued to pick up steam through the ACJBC campaign. The Sharks struggled to curtail the likes of Keith Robinson (19 points) and Dyson Daniels (12 points) in the 17-point victory, putting the Bushies on track to face NZ Kea in the crossover this afternoon from 12.30pm at Wodonga.


Making light work of the New Zealand teams, the Goldminers shone in the Albury sun with a pair of triple-digit tallies against NZ Kea and NZ Weka. Splitting the duties and ensuring the side would run out the day in flying fashion, the Goldies girls surged in the morning to take out their pool following a 123-29 victory over NZ Kea. Rosie Todd (19 points), Tanielle Knight (17 points) and Gracic Kratochvil (17 points) were the best of an evenly star-studded performance from the entire Goldminers’ group. It was similarly emphatic in the afternoon as the side registered a 100-23 triumph over NZ Weka with Dallas Loughridge (19 points), Bella Breen (17 points) and Dyani Ananiev (16 points) splitting the game two output amongst an even collection once more. The girls face Tasmania Devils from 10.45am at Wodonga.

It was a tougher day for the Bushrangers as they split their results against SA Sharks and NSW Kookaburras. It was one-way sailing for the Bushies early in the day as they accounted for the Sharks comfortably 83-59. Myah Healey (19 points), Georgia Koopmans (16 points) and Jessica Del Brocco (11 points) excelled in the early session and backed up those efforts in the tougher clash against the Kookaburras. Our northern neighbours proved too potent for us yesterday in the 35-47 loss with Healey (10 points), Koopmans (nine points) and Erin Condron (six points) toiling under the basket. The girls now face SA Magpies from 10.45am today at Wodonga.


The Goldminers split its results against Tasmanian sides yesterday with an early victory against the Tigers overshadowed by a narrow defeat against the Devils. Accounting for the Tigers 82-43 early on yesterday, the likes of Brody Pope (14 points), Brodie Paul (11 points) and Drue Maher (10 points) showed off their calibre. But it was the afternoon session that would be the real test.

Downed in an absolute thriller in the searing afternoon heat, the Goldminers could not find a way past the Tasmania Devils in a 44-46 defeat. It came down to the wire as the Goldminers fought their way back in to the clash. Trailing by 10, it was through the determination and grit of Harry Stones (nine points), Jet Kneebone (four points) and Darcy Jones (14 points) to rally the comeback, but in the end the Devils ground out a superb victory. The Goldies remain atop their pool heading into the crossover clashes today, starting with NZ Kea from 10.45am.

Accounting for Albury Wodonga and Tasmania Kangaroos yesterday, the Bushrangers continued their unbeaten rampage through the pool. Leading off with an 80-47 win over the Wolves, Jack Hrehoresen (18 points) and Jamie Bottrell (16 points) savoured the battle. The afternoon session was a bit closer but in the end the Bushies bested Tasmania Kangaroos 66-49 as Jamie Ryan (14 points) and Hrehoresen (11 points) stepped up to the mark in the afternoon. The rampage will have its biggest challenge yet today when the lads battle fellow undefeated side SA Mapgies from 10.45am at Albury.


Rising through their pool undefeated, the Goldminers flourished on Wednesday against NSW Ospreys 61-41 through the emphatic work of Jelena Savic (13 points), Georgia Bodey (10 points) and Macey Bowie (10 points). They’ll face the Tasmania Devils at Wodonga Sports Centre from 9am today.

The Bushies’ girls excelled in a 42-19 rout of SA Wombats yesterday to continue their unbeaten rampage through the pool stage. The one-two punch of Elsie Noonan (11 points) and Luka Butters (10 points) was sensational as the girls prepare for a monster clash against fellow undefeated side SA Sharks this morning from 9am at Wodonga.


Staying undefeated, the Bushrangers boys were far too strong for SA Wombats in a 70-56 victory yesterday morning. Earning a relaxing afternoon in the sun, the Bushrangers stormed past the Wombats through the hard work of William Brent (13 points), Amon Radley (13 points) and Zac Mabilia (12 points).The undefeated Bushrangers will head off to battle SA Sharks from 9am this morning in Albury.

Improving their record to 2-2 in the pool, the Goldminers surged past NSW Ospreys 67-54 to keep their title shot alive. Jett Garnham (26 points) lived up to his name with a supreme performance in tandem with Reece McGrath (13 points) and Tadhg Condron (eight points). The boys will face Tasmania Tigers from 9am today at Lauren Jackson Sports Centre.

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