BVC announces Junior Domestic Championships

REFRESHING the approach to our annual clubs tournament, Basketball Victoria Country is set to change the format of the club championships.

Instead of the BVC Club Championships, Basketball Victoria Country is set to create a new model for the tournament called the BVC Junior Domestic Championships.

This event will shift from the club focus of previous years and allow domestic teams from all country Victoria associations to compete against other domestic teams of the same age.

The Max Bowman Memorial Shield will remain an integral part of the BVC Junior Domestic Championships as awarded to the best performing club. Points are awarded for team entries, pool wins and titles and the highest scoring club is awarded the Max Bowman Shield.

“The BVC Junior Domestic Championships will give country athletes more access to tournaments and the significant benefits these events have for players, coaches, staff and referees alike,” Sammy Cartwright said.

“We believe the addition of further divisions and new categories of competition is a fantastic way to celebrate our junior athletes at the domestic level and give them further ways to shine on the regional stage.”

Geelong’s Pivot City has won the last seven years as it starts to home in on Ballarat Celtic Tigers’ record of an incredible 10 straight years.

Teams entering this event will have to have competed together during 2018 in their local domestic competitions. Amalgamated teams under a club banner will no longer be eligible, with the focus to allow more athletes and coaches the opportunity to attend a BVC event.

In addition to the team eligibility change, the event will now introduce multiple divisions to cater for associations

We’re expanding the reach of the tournament to include a 3×3 event – testing our juniors in the latest Olympic sport – and also include a wheelchair basketball tournament to showcase this phenomenal avenue to play our fantastic sport.

The 2018 event will be held in Ballarat on 6-7 October.

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