Kelsey Griffin departs Bendigo Spirit

THE BENDIGO Bank Spirit has thanked Kelsey Griffin for her contribution to both the club and the Bendigo community.

“Kelsey is a legend of this club in every sense of the word, and always will be,” Coach Simon Pritchard said.

“We will certainly miss her contributions both on and off the court.

“She has done a lot to develop this club on and off the court, and there is a generation of players coming through who have benefited from her professionalism, leadership and influence.”

Bendigo Stadium Limited chief executive officer Nathan O’Neill said The Spirit has been very privileged to have someone the calibre of Kelsey at the club, playing a significant role over the past six seasons.

“Kelsey’s overall leadership, loyalty, and her utmost commitment to engage with the Bendigo community has been of the highest quality,” he said.

“We wish Kelsey well in 2018 and beyond, and are confident of a possible return to fulfil a role to help grow and develop the game of basketball in our great regional city, the one Kelsey will always call home.

“There will always be a future here when Kelsey is ready to return.”

Kelsey has an enormous year in front of her, potentially representing the Opals at both the Commonwealth Games and FIBA Women’s World Cup.

“I am really proud of what I have done in Bendigo alongside great teammates like Gabrielle Richards,” she said.

“Obviously going to three grand finals and winning two championships was fantastic, and that’s why we play the game. But, I am satisfied leaving Bendigo in a position where this year they will be a fully professional outfit, in which was always a hope of legacy I would leave.

“Three years ago the idea The Spirit would now be a professional outfit would have been unheard of.

“Bendigo is a great place to live. The community is second to none and I will be forever grateful for the impact the people of Bendigo, and The Spirit, have had on my life.

“Because of these great people, and all the amazing volunteers and my teammates, who are now friends, my decision to go elsewhere has been a difficult one.”

Press release courtesy of Bendigo Bank Spirit

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