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June 2017

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Junior Referee Training Sheets


Other Resources

So they have asked you to become a Referee?

A great resource for the beginner referee, everything you need to know to get involved.

Download the ‘So they have asked you to become a Referee’ guide


Referee Reimbursements

The reimbursements as determined by the Technical Officials Commission for 2017.

Download 2017 Referee Reimbursements (PDF 85 KB)


Referees Course – Positioning and Responsibilities


Grading Policy


Myths and Misunderstandings


BVC Referee Licences and Grading Policy (31st January, 2015)


2017 Mechanics (January 2017)

Explanation of court mechanics to be used in basketball games being officiated by two referees in Victoria for 2017 season.


Referee Mentor: How to speed up the learning curve

A great resource, providing readers with a number of tips and skills to ensure you perform at your best.


How to start on the right foot

Credibility for a referee is an important key to success of a basketball referee. If you look professional, are confident and can communicate effectively you will go a long way to being a respected and reliable referee. An excellent resource for referees at all levels.


A Referee’s Guide to Tribunals

Basketball Victoria has passed Tribunals By-laws to prescribe the manner in which reports are made and the matters then heard by a Tribunal. There are Tribunals established across the state.

The By-laws are made for the protection of all participants in basketball. There is particular emphasis in the offences under the By-laws on protection of officials, with considerably heavier penalties for offences committed against officials.


Officiating Guidelines

Published by Basketball Australia, the Officiating Guidelines document is a great resource for all referees regardless of level or experience.


FIBA Americas Officiating – Mechanics of Officiating

Developed by FIBA Americas, this website contains a range of information regards the mechanics of officiating.


Current Official Basketball Rules – Official Interpretations (valid as at 1st March, 2017)

The interpretation presenting in this document are the FIBA Official Interpretations of the FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2014 and are effective as of March 1, 2017. This document supersedes all previously published FIBA Official Interpretations.