VALE – John Myors

IT is with great sadness that we report the passing of John Myors, one of Victorian Country basketball’s legends. 

John, pictured left in the above feature image, passed away on Saturday 16 May at the Korumburra Hospital at the age of 88. Our deepest sympathies go to John’s family, friends and the entire Korumburra basketball community who knew him well.

When discussing people who had an impact on basketball and in particular, basketball in South Gippsland, John is one of the first who comes to mind.

John relocated to Korumburra in the late 1940s and became involved in basketball when his son Ken joined Korumburra’s under-12s. Whilst John was heavily involved in the junior side, he also played and in 1969 became secretary of the association.

John was then elected to the role of President in 1970 and over the next six years, John worked diligently to turn the association into one of strength.  In 1976 John reported to the AGM that the association was in an excellent financial position, good cash flow and a healthy bank balance.

In the following years, John would be inducted as a Life Member of the association for his work on the committee and setting up Korumburra Basketball Association’s future. 

During that time, the association was also heavily involved in lobbying Council for a facility that could complement the work on the court that the association was doing.

Korumburra at the time operated out of the Sheep pavilion with asphalt floors and wooden backboards. The “Chook House”, as it was colloquially called, was well passed it used by date as a basketball facility and John worked with others to put forward that part of a Sports Development Plan should include an indoor facility and public hall, that could double as a court and provide two indoor courts for the growing basketball participation. 

At that time, of the 2900 estimated Korumburra residents, 540 participated in basketball at the “Chook House” across junior and senior competitions and like many country towns in that era, as is today, had a healthy and thriving community basketball competition.

John and his grouped travelled extensively through Country Victoria and interstate to see other basketball facility developments to ascertain what would be best for the Korumburra community.  These dreams came true with the opening of the Korumburra Indoor Recreation Centre.

It was in the 1970s when John also became involved with the Victorian Country Basketball Council serving as a Country Councillor and Regional Supervisor for many years. This was a connection that John thoroughly enjoyed as his basketball network and interests now extended across Country Victoria. He continued to referee during this period and alongside his son Ken, officiated at many of the Country Championships across the state.

John was recognised by the Victorian basketball community when he was presented with the prestigious Jack Terrill Medal in 1990, recognising John for his significant and outstanding contribution to basketball in Country Victoria. 

Rest in Peace John.

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