About us

Basketball Victoria Country (BVC) competitions are well known, well supported and innovative, with quality competition for athletes in associations across Victoria.

Out competition pathways provide great stories and achievements and provide all regional associations, large and small multiple opportunities to compete at various levels.

Country Champs

Our Objectives:

The broad objectives of Basketball Victoria Country are to:

  • encourage, promote, manage and control the sport of basketball in Victoria
  • represent the interests of basketball and basketballers within Victoria at the national level
  • encourage the development of socially desirable attitudes and values towards physical fitness and skill acquisition through play, training and competition
  • provide access for individuals to participate in the sport of basketball in Victoria
  • provide individuals with the opportunity to maximise their potential by competing in the highest level of basketball possible.

Programs and Activities

BVC programs and activities are delivered by staff under the direction of the Manager – Country Basketball and operate from the Country Office in Bendigo and satellite locations in Morwell and Geelong.

Three Basketball Development Officers with defined geographical regions allow a closer working relationship in particular areas of the state and assist associations with all activities, from governance, strategy, facility development to information technology. In fact, BVC is  at the forefront of IT competition and data management development in Australia. 

BVC also employs a specific Participation Coordinator, who helps all athletes, coaches and other volunteers to develop and achieve in the Vic Country Pathway.  Programs such as the popular “Skills Days” are open to all and provide individual development of athletes and coaches.  This can further an individual along the pathway or simply provide development that can be communicated and networked back at their association.

The BVC Referee Development Program continues under the leadership of a Referee Development Officer, with a simple underlying strategy and goal of developing officials at the grassroots level to have two officials on every domestic basketball game in country Victoria every week.  BVC also provides a pathway for officials to develop and pursue opportunities in higher competitions and leagues in Australia, and we provides a comprehensive licensing and registration system and an accreditation system that is consistent across Victoria.

The BVC Competitions are well known and supported and have always been innovating with good examples of providing quality competition for athletes across all associations.  The competition pathways provide for “great stories” and achievements of the very smallest as well as our largest associations and the “Country Season” is packed with opportunities for local associations to compete.