ACJBC Update – 7 January

THE following is an update regarding the upcoming Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup.

The Cup Directors have consulted with the local council and emergency management authorities and at this stage with 6 days before the event the decision is not to cancel.  

The Albury and Wodonga City Councils have advised the stadiums are not going to be designated as evacuation centres during the course of the Cup if that need arises.

There are no concerns regarding the influx of people to the cities or the ability of the cities to provide whatever is needed while there are visitors.

The air quality is changeable but with the right precautions it is manageable. The air-conditioning in the stadiums have been checked and we are expecting them operate effectively.   The highways to the north, south and west are open and are experiencing normal traffic flow at this point in time.

The weather forecast  for later in the week is predicting high 30s and then dropping down for the following days leading up to and into the week of the Cup.        

The Cup Directors will continue consulting with local council authorities on a daily basis and will monitor any bushfire activity/alerts in the area with an aim to keep everyone informed of any major developments that will effect or may lead to the cancellation of the Cup.

In particular we will  monitor the air quality situation based on EPA and health authority guidelines and that will factor in on any decision later in the week.

It is expected that each state body participating will  make its own risk assessment based on the travel requirements of its participants.

We understand that parents may be  rightly concerned about the bushfire proximity or who have children that may be affected by the air quality and that they will make their own decisions regarding attending the Cup and we respect that decision. 

Our intention is to give as much chance for the Cup to happen but going forward we will always be mindful of the health and safety requirements of the participants.


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