Jack Terrill Medal

The Jack Terrill Medial is named in honour of the former Basketball Victoria Country founding President and long time Basketball Victoria Country Council Member, the late Mr. Jack Terrill.

Jack, who passed away in 1973, was one of the driving forces behind the formation of Basketball Victoria Country. At the 1966 Country Annual Delegates Meeting at Country Week, it was decided that an attempt should be made to form a genuine country governing committee which would play a significant role in the future direction of basketball in country Victoria.

Jack Terrill served as President of the Country Council from 1967 to 1973 and was instrumental in creating the policies and procedures under which BVC operates to this very day. Jack’s vision and commitment were formally recognised in 1973 with the introduction of the Jack Terrill Medal. This annual award recognises an outstanding contribution by a Basketball Victoria Country volunteer and is awarded at BVC’s awards ceremony.


Jack Terrill Medal Winners:


 Year Recipient Association
 1973  Max Brisbane  Bendigo
1974  Ron Dawson Geelong
1975 Ron Blackney Warrnambool
1976 Noel Pollerd Maryborough
1977 Bruce McDonald Swan Hill
 1978 Keith Wilson Portland
1979 Jack Walker Kyneton
1980 George Munro Swan Hill
1981  Don Varcoe Denalla
 1982 Loretta Ward Warrnambool
1983 Geoff Smith Geelong
1984 Kaye Hart Traralgon
1985 Peter Eddy Ballarat
1986 Gerrard O’Rourke Seymour
1987 Peter Hesz Heyfield
1988 Craig Herbert Geelong
1989 Alan Garraway Traralgon
 1990 John Myors Korumburra
1991 Cheryl Creighton Colac
1992 Rod Bush Geelong
1992 Noel Byers Morwell
1992 Frank Smith Swan Hill
1993 Bev Bauer Colac
1994 Howard Dandy Geelong
1995 Isobel Smith Swan Hill
1996 Gerard Coffey Ballarat
1997 Terry Davis Horsham
1998 Bob Osborne Maryborough
1999 Heather Coleman Heyfield
2000 Alan Morris Mildura
2003 Jim Wilson Shepparton
2005 Owen Hughan Horsham
2006 Bill Jeffs Korumburra
2007 Bill McCarthy Shepparton
2007 Graham Bourke Shepparton
2009 Wendy Campbell Traralgon
2011 Ashley Donaldson Bendigo/BVC
2015 Ray Henry Wangaratta